URL shortening

IDM’s short URL generator converts the lengthy URLs into shorter links to make it more manageable and shareable on various online platforms.

For example, a marketing agency is running a text SMS campaign for their client to promote the brand new shoes. So, typically the URL will be -

Long URL


And more lengthy if they are doing conversion tracking using UTM parameters.


But using a URL shortening service, these lengthy links can be converted into short URLs with built-in tracking to measure the campaign performance.

Short URL


So, the short URLs are not just beneficial for marketing campaigns, but they also offer enhanced accessibility and convenience across various platforms like social media, in emails, and within limited-character spaces like SMS or appointment reminders on WhatsApp.

And, the shortened links can be used for tracking and analysis, providing valuable insights into user engagement and campaign performance, making them a valuable asset not only for marketers but also for optimizing overall online to track your business performance online.

Short link generator

  1. Login to your IDM account
  2. Go to Links
  3. Click on Create Link button
  4. Enter the original URL
  5. Enter the alias optionally
  6. Click on Create button to generate the short link

Custom expiration

Using the custom expiration dates, you can set when your short link should be expired automatically.

For example, you can run a shoe offer which is valid until midnight on New Year’s Eve. So, just specify the custom expiration date as 2023-12-31 while generating a shortened link.

UTM builder

Using the UTM builder, you can add custom parameters dynamically on your destination URL for enhance conversion tracking on analytics software like Google analytics or Mixpanel.

The UTM parameters will be inserted to the destination URL dynamically before the redirect.


You can also use our URL shortening API to integrate in your tool and shorten the links automatically by sending a POST request to v1/links route.

Here is an example in curl -

curl -X POST https://api.idm.in/v1/links \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {{API_KEY}}" \
-d '{
  "url": "https://example.com/category/shoes/new-shows",
  "expiration": "2024-01-01T23:59:59Z"