Spotify link shortener

Spotify link shortener to share music and podcasts with short, trackable URLs. Using the built-in tracking features, users can monitor clicks, locations, and audience engagement for their Spotify content.

Note: The public short links are auto-expired after 24 hours, sign up for a custom duration.

What is the Spotify link shortener?

The Spotify link shortener is a free tool to create short, trackable links for Spotify URLs, making them easier to share on text, whatsapp and easy to remember.

How can I see the number of clicks, location, IP address, etc., for all the clicks on my shortened Spotify links?

Follow these steps to see complete analytics and tracking details like number of clicks, location, IP address, or other details for the clicks on your shortened links:
  • Login to your account
  • Go to reports
spotify short url report

Can I customize the shortened URLs?

Yes, you can provide your custom alias for the shortened URLs while creating a short link from the admin panel. For example /diljit.

If you use this public form, the URLs are generated automatically for preview and cannot be customized.

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